The OLG Approach

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OLG Research … Building Better Research With a Process You Can Trust

OLG was founded based on the qualities that our clients value most: agility, creativity, flexibility and rigor. We place great emphasis on designing a research approach that yields reliable  and actionable conclusions.  As one of the most respected providers of primary health care marketing research, OLG is well positioned with the depth, experience and breadth of skills needed to provide clients with the actionable marketing insights our clients need to make their brands thrive.

OLG’s Research Design and Execution Framework Includes 5 Key Components

1. Understanding Your Business Objectives

 Ensuring a clear understanding of the business issues at hand

 Designing the research methodology to meet your specific business issues

2. Research Methodology Development

 Outline key points of inquiry, hypotheses and variables

 Stratify the respondent sample with statistical power and appropriate weighting

3. Recruitment, Fielding and Data Collection

 Access to respondents with the insights you need; our database and screening process gets results

 Expert moderators with the ability to adapt the research on the fly and probe for deeper understanding

4. Rigorous Data Analytics That Make The Connections You Need

 Whether qualitative or quantitative data, we uncover the trends that matter

Traditional strategic approaches, coupled with adaptive reasoning form fact-based conclusions

5. Consultative Solutions To The Issues Facing Your Brand That Bring Research To Life

 Simple, clear but nuanced insights that tell the story your brand needs to hear

 Remaining available to your team to consult on the research findings