Qualitative Research

Truths That Transform Your Business

Qualitative Research – Uncovering What “Big Data” Cannot

OLG Research specializes in qualitative research, having conducted over 800 qualitative assessments with various methodologies and respondent types. Qualitative research enables a laddering of questioning approach that allows for probing below the surface of high level issues in order to understand what truly drives attitudes, perceptions and behaviors.

Take a look at some of the ways we approach qualitative research.  Our full-service study design and expert research moderators bring you the insight you need … hear them from the mouths of your customers first-hand with a range of research techniques.

In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
Insights From ``Group Think`` Sessions
In-Person Interviews

Witness your stake-holders’ reactions and here their perspectives verbatim… our expert moderators can give you first hand knowledge of the issues facing your brand

Telephone Interviews

Gain insights from a geographically diverse group of respondents without leaving your office. We record our discussions so you can listen to the research when and where you can.

Web-Assisted Interviews

Displaying your promotional materials, messages etc. is easier than ever. There are no limits to the types of research we can conduct over the internet.

Focus Groups

Conduct in-depth explorations of core messages, promotional materials and hypothetical market activities with a large group of stake-holders at one time… allowing you to expand your sample size and see your customers debate and defend their points of view provides unique insights into your brand.

Online Forums / Community Bulletin Boards

Engage your customers over the course of months and capture how their opinions change as new information becomes available.  Utilizing online community feedback provides reach insights through moderator prompted lines of questions where respondents react and see others react.