Meet The OLG Team

The OLG Team Is Lean By Design…

Our OLG Team consists of dedicated research professionals with pharmaceutical industry experience across a wide range of therapeutic categories and market research methodologies.  Our first-class business acumen helps us turn research data into the action-oriented results that our clients require.

At OLG Research, we operate on a “lean but mean mentality” which enables us to remain agile and responsive to the changing needs of our clients.  We pride ourselves on our passion and commitment to uncovering the answers to your most challenging strategic questions.  Our Team makes it their priority to know the issues facing your brand as well as you do and it shows.  We immerse ourselves in the research process with a unique level of dedication and know how that ensures the success of your research project.  During every step of research we are focused on helping you determine the path forward for your brand.

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Michael Reilly


Joseph Da Silva
Senior Analyst, Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Nicole Maurer
Analyst - Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Alexandra Larson
Analyst - Qualitative & Quantitative Research