Research Methodologies

OLG’s Research Methodologies - Custom Solutions For Your Research Needs

OLG Research’s Methodologists are Passionate About Tailoring the Research Approach to Uncover the Insights You Need

Given any commercial scenario, there is always specific research approaches that deliver the insights you need in a way that guides decision making.

OLG Research has the experience and expertise to help you identify the best way to uncover the insights you need and implement a research plan that takes your brand forward.

OLG Research Has Experience Across A Range Of Research Methodologies:

Market Strategy
Brand Opportunities
Brand Communications
Brand Performance
  • War Games
  • Patient Emotive/Journey
  • Therapeutic Landscape Overview
  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Product Labeling Research
  • Healthcare Payer & Managed Markets
  • Competitive Product Assessment
  • Market Entrant
  • Clinical Trial Impact
  • Target Product Profile Evaluation
  • Product Positioning Evaluation
  • Clinical Data Testing
  • Creative Concept Evaluation – Patient and HCP
  • Promotional Platform & Message Testing
  • Promotional Material Optimization
  • Patient Case Evaluation
  • Sales Force Feedback Evaluation/POA Meeting Planning
  • Formulary/Product Access Evaluation and Positioning
  • Customer Tracking/ATU – Attitudinal Assessment