OLG ResearchIt is essential that reporting be tailored to meet each client’s needs, from the fine details and nuances required for the client research manager presentation to the “bigger picture” ramifications for senior level presentations. OLG reports are designed in modular format to enable clients to easily pull out salient sections for presentation of key findings and conclusions to select audiences. Each report starts with an Executive Summary whereby a reader can quickly grasp the key takeaway elements from the assignment. This is followed by detailed findings, with specific findings summarized for each category of analysis. The detailed findings serve as the basis for a set of research conclusions. Finally, strategic recommendations are based on a combination of an analysis of the data as well as our overall assessment of the research engagement.

Above and beyond delivering the final report, OLG is frequently asked to provide senior-level management consultants for executive presentations of findings. This service takes advantage of the many and varied years of experience of our senior management in market research, advertising, product and sales management as well as new product development.

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