Data Collection

OLG ResearchData integrity is the assurance that data is collected in an accurate and consistent manner – and it is critical to ensuring client confidence in project deliverables. At OLG, the integrity of our work is a primary concern. Every step of a project is conducted under strict in-house supervision and control. All data collection and processing is performed by OLG – we complete all of our telephone interviews and do not outsource any component of the research process.

Data quality/integrity begins with rigorous interviewer training. After completing training, a new OLG consultant is placed on live practice surveys until full competence is demonstrated. Ongoing quality monitoring and training continues throughout an OLG consultant’s career. Data integrity is assured through our five-step quality assurance system:

  1. Research Directors manage data collection activities, employing monitoring of productivity and quality assurance standards.
  2. Editors review all open-end responses. Problems — if any – are noted quickly and feedback is given to interviewers so that they can re-contact respondents and correct errors as soon as possible.
  3. Continuous audio monitoring of interviewers occurs by OLG management familiar with project specifics and objectives, with real-time feedback provided during survey administration; interviewers also receive regular feedback on their interviewing skills. Client monitoring of interviews is also always available.
  4. Cleaning and coding of data is supervised by the OLG consultant in charge of the project. Most consultants have greater than 15 years in the healthcare industry.
  5. Review, analysis and reporting structure of the data is completed by a project consultant.

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