Payor Research

Olg ResearchTo craft and refine the marketing strategies for your business, you need more than just part of the managed markets story. That’s why OLG is the best investment you can make before your next venture. With our research knowhow and experience, OLG brings you the full perspective on the managed markets landscape from all stakeholders: key managed care decision makers, physicians, pharmacists, patients and other constituents. Drawing from these insights, we can sharpen your competitive edge by helping you develop the best strategic initiatives in a dynamic managed care environment.

At our foundation is a robust panel of managed care health professionals and our team’s proven experience in managed markets research. Our managed markets experts will arm you with actionable insights, preparing you to enter the marketplace confidently and respond to the most challenging market issues in an effective and skillful manner. For making the most out of your strategic investments, OLG Research offers solutions for today’s managed markets landscape with your specific needs in mind.

As your marketing research consultants, OLG is ready to provide the insights you need to develop your managed markets strategies – as big or as small as your objectives demand. Whether it’s guiding your competitive entry within the current environment, providing reality checks for pricing and contracting strategies, or ensuring resiliency because of generic pressures and overall reimbursement trends, OLG offers solutions to do it all within our customizable payor research framework.